Larp (2 days, 8 players)
Video (color, sound, 40 min)

Zeigarnik Effect combines modified psychotherapeutic and live roleplaying techniques in a carefully crafted ‘performative game engine’; a durational and unscripted small group encounter that ran during the opening weekend of Momentum 8: The Nordic Biennial. The sessions were streamed live to Momentum kunsthall. Simultaneously fascinated and sceptical by the over-identification with fantasy inherent in role-play, dissociative disorders and transpersonal experiences, Condon hones in on the remnants of the participants’ subjective experience that are aesthetically perceivable. The temporal fictional world revolves around what Bluma Zeigarnik described as intrusive thoughts about an objective that was once pursued and left incomplete. It involves a laser acupuncturist, a sentient sculptural ‘entity’ and incorporates present tense language only. -Steffanie Hessler