SESSION: 5 players, present based language, carnivorous plants, dream memories, Tony Smith sculpture

A series of unscripted experiential psychotherapy sessions, facilitated by an sculptural entity embodied within the honeycomb and crystal inspired polygonal monument Smoke, by Tony Smith from 1967. Set in a now antiquated vision of the future, Future Gestalt was facilitated by the artist in collaboration with a trained group therapist. An experiential essay on the mid 20th century drive towards totalized and self regulating systems of communication and control found in the overlap between American minimalism, gestalt psychology, and cybernetics.

Prototyped live at Machine Project and documented at LACMA.
A commission by Getty Pacific Standard Time.
Smoke (1967) © Tony Smith Estate/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.

Director/Session Facilitator: Brody Condon
Players: Carmina Escobar, Kenka Hunter, Mecca Vazie Rodgers, Joe Seely, Jaqueline Wright
Psychotherapy Consultant: Dr. Tyler Waxman
Director of Photography: Jordan Levy
Costume Consultant: Feral Childe
Stitchers: Amy O’Malley, Jen Bruce, Lake Sharp
Focus: Jeremiah Pitman
Gaffer/Grip: Nicholas Franchot
Data Manager: Mark Evans
Audio Technician: Justin Asher